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Meet the soul of Marie-Galante !
moulin et charette à canne
Marie-Galante is a place of simple rural traditions, it fosters the art of living calmly and peaceable, but don't trust too much in this appearance of quiet - in no time everyone will be ready to party to the rhythm of music, joining in the fun with family and friends.

Marie-Galante today turns out as the new point of interest for tourism in the French West Indies.

With an area of 158 km² (40 acres), it has three counties and 12,410 inhabitants. The Island is more commonly known as "La grande galette" (Big Pancake) due to its round shape and almost flat surface (its highest peak, the hill Morne Constant, rises to 204m - 670 ft). Once counting over 106 sugar mills, it is also called the "Island of a hundred windmills", or the "Grande dependance" (the biggest island depending on Guadeloupe).

In addition to all the health facilities that one would expect to find in a French department (hospital, doctors, pharmacies, etc.), Marie-Galante provides the authentic Caribbean life style, a colorful charm, uncountable white sandy beaches, lagoons protected by coral reefs - warranties for a serene and calm stay.

Lin Camphorin et Trioka
The Island offers numerous possibilities to lodge with a local family, in independent villas, furnished flats or else hotels, one of which has three stars.

To properly visit Marie-Galante you must take at least three days. In any event, there are many tour-bus services that propose one-day tours of the Island; some include lunch with the price. On the other hand, various rental possibilities exist (bicycles, scooters or cars) for those who prefer to discover this tranquil Island on their own.

Marie-Galante is essentially a rural island where sugar cane farming is omnipresent and well rooted in local culture. Grand Anse refinery, one of the two sugar factories that Guadeloupe holds claim to, is located here. On the other hand, their three distilleries offer you the world's best rum. A fabulous nectar with a volume of alcohol 59° proof. The local drink, the "ti punch" is sweetened with cane syrup for the sundowning aperitif while as a digestive pure old rum is served. The latter will nicely finish off a meal with one of the local dishes of, "bebele" (tripe in sauce with green banana), "chaudage" or "court bouillon de poisson frais" (fresh fish cooked in spicy court-bouillon). These are all carefully prepared by the local restaurants.

There are many things to do from water sports to hiking or discover the Island in an ox drawn wagon. Don't forget the museums as well as Marie-Galante's astonishing countryside and beautiful points-of-view.

ox cart pulling contest
The traditional folk dances, contest of tug-of-war with ox drawn wagons and rooster fights are all part of the natural rhymth of the Island's life. Among other things, the night revelers will appreciate the piano bars and nightclubs that produce the mischievously wild and turbulent beat of the West Indies.

Marie-Galante is easily accessible from Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe's economic capital. It takes 45 minutes by boat or 15 minutes by plane.

The Marie-Galante Office of Tourism and the island's inhabitants will be pleased to welcome you and provide additional information about this authentic and passionate Island.

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